Skiing, Snowboarding, Swimming, Mountain Biking, Horse Riding, Tennis, Squash, Golf – Ecocrackenback offers everything, all year round (within a 10-15 minute drive). The map below shows just a few of the amazing activities available throughout the region!



Ecocrackenback is in the heart of the Snowy Mountains, making it the perfect location to base your winter ski trip.

Ecocrackenback is 10 minutes to the skitube (which takes you straight to the Perisher ski resort) and 20 minutes to the Thredbo ski resort.

Perisher Ski Map
Thredbo Trail Map

Mountain Biking

Ecocrackenback is the perfect location to base your next Snowy Mountain mountain bike adventure!

Thredbo Valley Trail (TVT) – (Free-$) (Difficulty: Moderate)

If you want to park your car in Thredbo, you will need to pay a National Park fee, you can also catch a shuttle bus to drop you off in Thredbo, allowing you to ride the 26km track on a downhill gradient. You can easily ride back to Ecocrackenback via the Alpine way after enjoying refreshments at the Alpine Larder. This trail was opened in 2014 after significant investment from the National Parks and Wildlife online pharmacy Service, it has several suspension bridges that weave the rider from one side of the Thredbo River to the other.
Thredbo Valley Trail Map

Thredbo Downhill – ($$$) (Difficulty: Moderate – Hard)

If you want to park your car in Thredbo, you will need to pay a National Park fee, you will also need a lift pass, and a Downhill Orientation Session also downhill bike hire – it’s a bit pricey but a lot of fun! Definitely worth spending a full day.
Thredbo Downhill Map

Thredbo River Loop (Free) (Difficulty: Easy)

A trail that is easy to get to from Ecocrackenback (just follow the Alpine Way to the Lake Crackenback resort), the first four kilometers is pretty easy but an extra 2km black loop will challenged more experienced riders. Stop for a beer at Alpine Larder (or Wildbrumby Schnapps Distillery) on the way back!
Lake Crackenback Map

 Tyrolean and Mill Creek Mountain Bike Trails (Free) (Difficulty: Moderate – Hard)

A ten minute drive from Ecocrackenback into the town of Jindabyne you will find the Tyrolean and Mill Creek Mountain Bike Trails offering a great selection of green, blue and black loops.
Tyrolean Map

Bungarra Alpine Centre ($) (Difficulty: variable)

Please note: the trails are privately owned so there are conditions of use that may restrict riding to certain days/times and may require being a club member or paying a nominal fee.

Bungarra Alpine Centre