A mixture of eucalypts grow in this ‘montane’ habitat. The largest being the Candlebark (Eucalyptus Rubina), which can grow in excess of 40 metres high, towering above the snow gums in these woodlands.

The smooth white bark will transform into a stunning pinkish red colour during summer and autumn, before losing its bark in preparation for the oncoming winter.

Mature eucalypts like this Candlebark here, provide foraging habitats for a wide variety of birds, as well as the possums and bats.

Snow Gum

Snow Gum Woodlands

The predominant habitat here is that of the snow gum woodlands. White sallees and black sallees can only be found here in the Australian Alps. These snow gums survive the harsh climate by way of stunted, twisted growth, protecting themselves from prevailing winds and sub-zero temperatures.

The white sallee (eucalyptus pauciflora) is easily identified because of its greater numbers and white, creamy/grey colour.

The black sallee (eucalyptus stellulata) are less scattered amongst the woodlands. Their olive green/mustard yellow colour sets them apart from the other eucalypts.